Goats are extremely playful and affectionate animals that make great companions. At the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm the goats are for adoption on a pet only basis; we are looking for people who are experienced with farm animals and/or prepared to spend the appropriate time and give the proper care to their goat friends.

Adoption Process

An Adoption Application is required (which can be picked up at the farm) as well as photographs of the area in which the goats will be living. 

Inquire with your municipality about the rules and regulations of owning a goat in your area before looking to adopt. Goats are considered farm animals and are not permitted in most residential areas regardless of the size of your property.

Things to consider:

– ALL goats are dehorned
– ALL males are neutered
– Goats are herd animals and MUST have at least one other goat living with them, preferably one they have grown up with.
– Goats will not be available to go to their new homes until Thanksgiving long weekend in October.
Males: $150
Females: $150

We require in-full payment at the time of purchase and can accept only cash or cheques made out to Beacon Hill Children’s Farm Ltd.

The goats receive a dewormer, tetanus shot before they go to their new home.

A short lesson on trimming goat hooves can be given if required.

You will also be given a care sheet: Taking You Goat Home. Enjoy your goat friend!

We recommend How To Raise Goats by Carol A. Amundson as an informational resource for raising goats.

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