Over the years, many people have spared their time to help better our farm. But with growing awareness of our volunteer opportunities, the system we had become ineffective. We have implemented a new Volunteer Program that aims to create a more organized and efficient system.

– Anyone interested in volunteering is required to fill out a Volunteer Application which is available for pickup at the farm.

– All applicants under the age of 14 (or requiring special assistance to properly complete their tasks) must be accompanied by an adult in a supervisory role at all times during their shift.

– The individual supervising will be considered the volunteer and the accompanying minor an assistant.

– Any adult applying under a supervisory role must have a recent (within the year) criminal record check completed before proceeding. We provide a criminal record check form which waves all fees for the applicant, and can be picked up in person at the farm.

– All applicants of 14 years or older may apply to volunteer independently, but require a recent criminal record check to be completed before proceeding.

– All applicants are required to attend a training workshop before they can begin volunteering. Workshops will last approximately 2 hours and will be held on evenings and/or weekends during our volunteer intake periods. Applicants will sign up for these workshops in person when they return their completed Application to the farm.

– All applicants will be required to sign a Volunteer Agreement (handed out at the Training Workshop). This agreement outlines the responsibilities the farm staff have agreed are important for our volunteers to uphold; disregard for these responsibilities could result in the volunteers dismissal.

– All applicants will be required to sign a Liability Waiver. If an applicant is under 18, they must have their legal guardian sign (after reading over each section to them.)

Both the Volunteer Application and the criminal record check form can be obtained at the front gate of the farm. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us.

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