The Beacon Hill Children's Farm with all its animal and human members is saying goodbye to Peg.

Peg was a one-of-a-kind goat who had become quite famous and well known to staff, volunteers and visitors alike, and had found a very special place in our hearts. She and her sister Winnie were born here at the farm in 1999 and after growing up Peg had a great time as a mother goat. She was pregnant 6 times and as a result we have a great line of her offspring – with seven goats of different ages currently living in our petting area. They are carrying on her awesome personality and some even have her great long coat.

Peg retired from breeding in 2008; she had done a great job as a mum. She then spent her time with her sister and other retired goat friends. After her sister passed away and Peg seemed quite lost, she found a best friend and companion in her niece Carly. They spent many happy years together, being specially cared for by the staff and volunteers and spoiled by visitors, volunteers and staff alike. 2016 turned out to be a difficult year for Peg – but she was a “fighter”. In the spring, we all had to say Goodbye to Carly, and Peg adapted to live with her new companion Mona – our second oldest goat. They got along very well, both having a calm temperament. Unfortunately, this friendship was cut short by Mona’s illness and in September 2016 Peg was buddied up with Mona’s friend Orchid. Orchid now was Peg’s constant companion for her last year, she was always by Peg’s side.

Peg led a very sheltered and quiet life, well taken care of with everything an old goat needed. She had a special “old goat diet” of soft, sweet and easy chew food, and loved eating yoghurt (especially from a spoon), plus bananas, too. She stayed warm, cuddled up with Orchid under a heat lamp, and enjoyed the sunshine in a nice quiet area outside. She loved her foot massages, cuddles and all the attention she could get. Peg the “Banana Queen” was quite spoiled!

But it is what she gave back to us that will make us miss her most: her kind and gentle personality, her huge heart and the best goat kisses ever!

In September 2017 we were so lucky to celebrate her 18th birthday with her. That is a record age for a goat on our little farm. Converted into human years Peg was well over 100 years old! That is a very grand age for a goat. Despite all the good care and love for Peg, sadly one night around Thanksgiving she had a stroke, and after she first recovered a little, she soon had constant difficulties getting up and walking. The staff made the difficult and sad decision to put her down, so that she did not have to suffer.

We are all mourning her loss, but we also like to thank everyone who has known her, who came to the farm to visit her and cared about her, who gave her love, who spent time with her and who will keep her alive in our memories.

In our hearts Peg will always be with us. RIP Peg.

October 2017

photo of Peg the goat
photo of Peg the goat
photo of Peg the goat
photo of Peg the goat
photo of Peg and Mona
photo of Peg and Orchid
photo of two goats
drawing of Peg the goat
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