The following post is an archive of our GoFundMe campaign which began in 2020.

Hello everyone, this is our first update on the fundraising campaign and I really would like to use this opportunity to say THANK YOU!!! None of us at the farm had expected to find that much support and generosity in the community as well as from different places all over the world. And we were simply blown away by the speed it all happened and the fact that we had reached our monthly goal of 6000 CAD in such a short time. There are no other words for it: “You are all simply amazing!” We are all so grateful to know that there is large community out there helping to bring us through these difficult and uncertain times. There are so many people who are taking an interest in the animals and the future of the farm. We are very happy about any amount donated, it all adds up to a big community total. Many of you have been spreading the word around and that has been very helpful as well. Now the media is spreading our story even further. Thank you.

Because of all the positive feedback, all your lovely comments, lots of good wishes and all your helpful suggestions we’ve decided to raise the goal of this campaign to 18000 CAD. No one knows at the moment how long this crisis that we all live in will be going on for and it is very difficult to plan ahead. All your spontaneous support and huge generosity gave us the impulse to raise the goal to an amount that would keep the basic farm costs covered for 3 months. The way this campaign is going at the moment we are very optimistic that thanks to your help we will be able meet this goal. But only time will show how long this crisis will be going on for and for how long we will depend on your support.

But for this first day let me just say one more time how touched we all were and how grateful we all feel towards you! All the animals and all the farm staff of Beacon Hill Children’s Farm are sending the biggest THANK YOU out to you!

Stay safe everyone.

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