goat illustration by Gareth Gaudin

Goat Fund Us: Update #6

Hello everyone, last week we had a lovely surprise that I would like to share with you. In the middle of our normal daily routine of taking care of the animals as well as trying to make some plans a large donation cheque was dropped of with one of the staff. When I went down to the fence to thank the donor in person I learned the story behind this donation, a story that shows how diverse and innovative the community supporting the farm is.

photo of goats

Goat Fund Us: Update #5

Hello everyone, I have some more good news to share tonight as we were able to secure a couple of big loads of sawdust for the animals. That might sound rather insignificant but it’s very important to keep the animals on clean and dry bedding to provide a safe and healthy environment. Lately sawdust and shavings were difficult to get and since there are many farms and animals owners on this island there must be a high demand for bedding material.

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