The following post is an archive of our GoFundMe campaign which began in 2020.

Hello everyone,

I have some more good news to share tonight as we were able to secure a couple of big loads of sawdust for the animals. That might sound rather insignificant but it’s very important to keep the animals on clean and dry bedding to provide a safe and healthy environment. Lately sawdust and shavings were difficult to get and since there are many farms and animals owners on this island there must be a high demand for bedding material. We are really grateful to our supplier Mander Trucking that we were able to get really good quality sawdust delivered to both farm locations (Beacon Hill and our winter farm). That took a big load of worries off our shoulders. A special THANK YOU to Gary from Mander Trucking.

Many of you who live close enough might have been by the farm for a quick peek at our “springy” baby goats or are checking on our social media sites regularly. And then you will have certainly seen that the farm has gained more colour. Thanks to Paul from the Flag Shop in Victoria we have hopefully improved the physical distancing for park visitors who are watching the animals through the fence. We were worried that with so many people going out in the park to stay active and healthy, there would be too many coming together at the fence where they can glimpse a peek of the animals. The spacing of the flags should help to provide a safer way to stop and look at the goats and chickens from the outside. Please be considerate by respecting the proper and safe distance to the other viewers. And to be honest, just the splendid colours of the flags make me smile especially viewed together with our happy little goat herd! THANK YOU, Paul.

I would also like to use this opportunity to thank everyone again who is supporting the farm. Many of you have chosen to use the GoFundMe website to make a donation, but there are also donors who have mailed cheques or used e-transfer to help us through these uncertain times. It is really encouraging to see how much support we have in the community and how creative and generous everyone is. Here are two examples I would like to share with you: We had kids donating their birthday money to the farm to help the animals, that is so sweet and thoughtful. And one lovely lady was selling homemade masks and decided to donate the proceeds to the farm along with several masks for us. Examples like these are really touching. But any support, no matter small or big, if it’s financial help, direct donations from our suppliers or the countless good wishes and encouraging messages, all of it is so very welcome and makes us realize that there is a huge community in our back, that we don’t stand alone caring about our animals and the farm. THANK YOU ALL!

As always, our best wishes for all of you and stay healthy and safe,

photo of goats
photo of goat
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