photo of miniature horse

Goat Fund Us: Update #9

Hello everyone, tonight I just like to share this happy story and short video with you to let you all be part of a little birthday celebration that we had this past week at the farm. Friday June 26th was the birthday of our miniature horse Peanut Butter.

photo of goat and her two kids

Goat Fund Us: Update #8

Let me start again by saying how thankful we are for all the donations that we received especially since the last update. I can only imagine that the news of the farm maybe not opening this season must have been disappointing for many of you. We are all the more grateful for all the support that you’ve sent our way be it in the form of kind messages in acknowledgement of our situation as well as many donations. THANK YOU ALL!

photo of donkey

Goat Fund Us: Update #7

Hello everyone, I feel the time has come for this update and this step, but it still is very difficult for me to find the right words. There has been lots happening all around us, first a long time of businesses and places being closed and now some of them are slowly reopening.

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