The following post is an archive of our GoFundMe campaign which began in 2020.

Hello everyone,

Let me start again by saying how thankful we are for all the donations that we received especially since the last update. I can only imagine that the news of the farm maybe not opening this season must have been disappointing for many of you. We are all the more grateful for all the support that you’ve sent our way be it in the form of kind messages in acknowledgement of our situation as well as many donations. THANK YOU ALL!

Today I like to bring you up to date about some of our animals, it’s always a pleasure to share their stories with you. Over the last few weeks we had 3 new additions to our goat herd.

Momma goat Bow gave birth to twin boys about a month ago. Despite many great suggestions we couldn’t settle on names for them for quite some time. Then we had a lovely surprise by Charlotte, Benjamin and Tamara who have been regular visitors of the farm for many years. Even though they are unable to visit the goats this year they decided to still support the animals. Charlotte and Benjamin just had their birthdays in the middle of May and since the current situation doesn’t allow for any birthday parties with visiting family and friends they chose to “celebrate” in the front yard of their home with family and friends just driving by and waving happy birthday wishes. They had the splendid idea to ask all their visitors that if they wanted to drop off a Loonie or Toonie they would collect that money to make a donation in support of the farm. We actually managed to surprise them ourselves by doing a little “drive by visit” with a baby goat on board. Just to see them smile! Through the help of all their birthday visitors they were able to make a donation of 220 CAD towards the care of the animals. That’s so generous! And as a special Thank you and little belated birthday present from us they got to name the twin boys. So, that’s how Bow’s babies finally got their names: Pip and Squeak.

Our newest baby goat was born on the eve of the farm’s 35th anniversary. 35 years is a remarkable long time and during all these years the farm has always grown and improved and we are all really proud of what it has become. Through the hard work, dedication, vision and love of many different people the farm is a steady and important part of the local community. We are really happy to be able to share the experience of spending time with and working alongside our animals with many visitors, volunteers and staff members. It is amazing how much joy the animals bring into all our lives. We would have loved to celebrate the accomplishments of the past 35 years with you and toast to a lasting and happy future, but unfortunately everything is different this year. However, our momma goat Siren made us the most wonderful gift by giving birth to a big strong girl. In honour of the farm’s anniversary and its beautiful location we named her Beacon. She is already out and about with the big goats, always curious and exploring everything. She is so very brave! Her mum Siren has a full time job keeping up with her.

All the animals are happy and healthy, enjoying the wonderful sunshine. Our miniature horse Peanut Butter and her friends, our donkeys Opal and Taffy are back in town as well, because on Friday we will have the next reason to celebrate: Peanut Butter’s birthday!

With more restrictions lifted along with the great weather lots of people are venturing further from their homes. Many of the animals are still in Beacon Hill and you can see them through the fence. We have put up flags along the fence line to ensure physical distancing and we like to continue to encourage all possible measures to keep you safe while watching the animals. The staff are at the farm every day to take care of the animals and we are happy to answer questions through the fence – always by keeping a safe and respectful distance.

Stay safe, healthy and happy,

photo of goat and her two kids
photo of baby goat
photo of goat and her baby
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