The following post is an archive of our GoFundMe campaign which began in 2020.

Hello everyone,

Tonight I just like to share this happy story and short video with you to let you all be part of a little birthday celebration that we had this past week at the farm.

Friday June 26th was the birthday of our miniature horse Peanut Butter. With her 29 years Peanut Butter is the oldest of our animals and through all her time here she has certainly become a favourite to many visitors, volunteers and staff alike. She was born in 1991 and compared to human years that puts her close to around 90 years of age. Her very advanced age gives her some health problems that are monitored by our vet and because especially her teeth are giving her some trouble she gets to eat a soft easy to chew diet. Peanut Butter also likes to rest a lot and is very fond of her nap time. A long and quiet nap in the afternoon sunshine is just what Peanut Butter enjoys best. And of course it’s even better if she can share it with her friends, the donkeys Opal and Taffy.

Peanut Butter is a “one of a kind horse”. She has a very her friendly and gentle personality and is so well mannered that (during a season when we are operating as normal) even our younger volunteers can lead her through the farm. But there is much more to this little horse than meets the eye. Peanut Butter always appears so calm, some people might even say lazy, but not much escapes her great blue eyes. Of course it has to be someone or something that peeks her interest – like homemade alfalfa birthday cake.

There are many reasons why Peanut Butter is a very special resident here at the farm and she has certainly earned a special place in our hearts. Our little horse might look a bit funny, but her personality is golden. She is always friendly, smart and a little mischievous. She is simply the best possible mix! It is a great pleasure to all of us to be part of Peanut Butters daily life and especially to make her senior years pleasant and comfortable. She certainly deserves it.

We all hope that Peanut Butter has many more happy years here at the farm with us.

Thanks to everyone stopping by and wishing her a happy birthday and a special Thank You to the visitors by the fence who joined in to sing her a little birthday song.

And as always, THANK YOU all for supporting the animals and the farm.

Stay safe,

photo of horse treat
photo of miniature horse
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