The following post is an archive of our GoFundMe campaign which began in 2020.

Hi everyone,

Since our last update, there has been only positive news to report regarding the animals. The goat herd has grown and we have received another big donation from Top Shelf Feed! And as always, we are so grateful and thankful to you, our donors, for helping us keep the animals fed and sheltered during the pandemic. Although they miss the public and the snuggles and attention they get from you, they are blissfully oblivious to the troubles and changes going on beyond the farm’s fences.

Another huge thank you is in order to Dennis of Top Shelf Feeds, Vancouver Island local and family owned, they provided us with an additional 15 donated bags of grain for the goats. All of our goats eat grain at the farm, but the ones who need it most are the mamas. The grain helps to feed them and their growing babies during their pregnancy and it ensures a good, strong milk production in the new moms so they can nurse their young. This feed donation is a big step to keep our growing goat herd well fed, strong and healthy.

Since our last update, we had a little “baby boom” here at the farm as many of our expecting mamas seemed to have decided to wait till July to have their babies: 8 more new babies have been born by 4 different mamas! These mamas have had kids in past years and are taking to their maternal duties wonderfully once again. Just after Canada Day our big and bossy girl Rose had a boy and a girl, Nootka and Camas, named after 2 native flowering plants that grow in and around Beacon Hill Park and Victoria. A few days later Hollie, Rose’s sister, gave birth to 3 boys, all small and speckled. They love to nap together, and are almost always seen in a cute cuddle puddle. We are still trying to pick out the best fitting names for them. And that same night Papaya, our smallest goat, and one of my personal favourite furry friends, had a big fluffy baby boy. Pinto is his name, based on his bold black and white markings, similarly seen on pinto horses. He is super active and the two are often heard talking away to one another. And last but not least our goat Stardust, Papaya’s close buddy, just delivered twins, a boy and a girl, this past Sunday evening. They are still brand new and have not been named yet. All the mums and are babies doing well and some of them have already joined the other goats in the petting area, the younger ones will do so soon and you’ll be able to see them through the fence bouncing around.

As we’ve just passed the ½ waypoint through our ‘regular’ season here at the farm, we sadly still do not have plans to open this summer. The farm will remain closed to the public as we don’t know how to ensure the safety of the public, volunteers, animals and staff with the constant risk of Covid 19 still around us. The animals will remain at the location in Beacon Hill Park where we can best care for them and you will be able to see them through the fence. We are there every day to take care of them and we happily share their stories with you when you stop by at the fence. Until the farm can safely reopen, the digital updates here, on Facebook and Instagram will also be our connections to you. We hope you are all doing well, staying safe and sane out there and are forever thankful for your contributions to keep the farm functioning.


photo of baby goat
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