The following post is an archive of our GoFundMe campaign which began in 2020.

Hello everyone,

Since our last update and with the help from the local media to spread the word I’m very happy to be able to welcome a growing number of new supporter to this campaign. Thank you all – new donors as well as all of you who have been supporting us through the past months – so much for your generous support and heartfelt messages and encouragement.

Time is just racing by this year and now what always seemed to far of in the future is already here: the last weekend of this season. Traditionally during any “normal season” the last weekend for the farm to be open to visitors would be Thanksgiving Weekend. We usually enjoy that last long weekend with lots of regular visitors who still like to get a last visit in before the winter break as well as some new faces who are dropping by to explore the farm for the first time. We all use this occasion to swap stories about the animals, admire together how much the little ones have grown, hand out lots of cuddles and scratches and receive some goat kisses in return, adore the great energy of all our little creatures one more time, cherish the wisdom and gentle nature of all our older animals and part each others company with heartfelt goodbyes, “see you next season” and best wishes for the coming winter.

Now this year, we decided to have the last weekend of our season earlier than usual, this will help us to save costs and we can already start with the fall cleanup. Therefore this Labour Day long weekend will be the last time this season for most of the animals to be in Beacon Hill Park. On Tuesday many of them will move to our winter farm. So if any of you would like to sneak one last look at the animals, this weekend is the last opportunity to stop by the fence say hello and goodbye ’til next season.

Even though you unfortunately won’t be able to see the animals once they moved to Metchosin, we will keep you up to date of their care and well being through this campaign as well as our social media sites. The animals will continue to receive the best care and love, lots of feed and cozy warm barns for the cold months to come.

So, maybe see you over the next couple of days.

In any case stay tuned and stay safe,

photo of goats
photo of alpacas
photo of donkeys and miniature horse
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