The following post is an archive of our GoFundMe campaign which began in 2020.

Hello everyone,
After my last update we got multiple inquiries about how to donate – for everyone who likes to support the animals and the farm, but prefers not to receive a sponsorship certificate. So after some discussing and planning we decided to go ahead and reactive the fundraiser; we are just happy and grateful for any help we are getting – be it in the form of sponsoring the animals or donations. We’ve upped the goal of the fundraiser to indicate what kind of help we are hoping for.

After this short and not busy season and still many winter months ahead, we are faced with the need to cover the costs for supplies for the animals, their vet care and now with the end of the government support through wage subsidy programs also some of the staffing costs. Luckily, over the winter we are able to take care of the animals with a smaller team and some of us are so flexible and independent that they generously volunteer their work hours. But the winter lays still long and cold ahead of us, taking care of the animals in the wet and chilly weather and keeping them all strong, happy and healthy requires a lot of supplies and even more reliable everyday work – and all the time we’ll also be working towards and preparing for a new season.

I am aware that for many of us these are not easy times and I’m sure there are many people who have been hit hard by Covid and its accompanying consequences, maybe lost a loved one or experiencing financial difficulties and there are other people who have tragically suffered under these devastating floods BC has been experiencing. I can only imagine what some of the farmers I’ve read about are going through and what kind of loss they are dealing with. We are relieved that all our animals are safe and I know that makes us some of the lucky ones.

Knowing that other people face much bigger heart ships makes it a very tough step to ask for help again, but if you feel you like to support the animals and the farm and you are in a situation were you can afford it, we are more than grateful for any donation we receive. The history of our fundraising campaign clearly shows that with enough people who follow the same goal and contribute each in their own way, together we can make a big difference. And for those of you who would like to help, but your current financial situation is strained, keep us in your hearts and we are also happy about any good wishes, encouragement and sharing our story with a bigger community.

Sorry that this update doesn’t include direct news from the animals, but I’m already working on a story about Peanut Butter who just mastered a medical marathon and who really scared us a couple of times. Luckily, so far she on a good road of recovery; more details to come.

All that remains for me is the hope that our plea for help won’t pass unanswered – but I dare to hope and I strongly believe in the good and the power of this community. Thank you!

Stay safe and dry,

title: Our GOATIES 2021
Home is where the herd is!
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