photo of goats in sunshine

Goat Fund Us: Update #37

Hello everyone,
Time simply flies and this farm season has pretty much gone by in a blur of lots of big and small moments filled with many special encounters and countless precious new memories.
Everyone at the farm – two-legged and four-legged – would like to say THANK YOU for all your kind and generous support that you offered us again during this year. Thank you for being part of our journey and for all your help, encouragement, heartwarming comments and honest interest in the life of our animals and daily work at the farm.

three small goats standing on wooden stumps

Goat Fund Us: Update #36

Hello everyone,
While it is still summer, seasons are changing quickly now and when school is starting back up, the farm will switch to fall hours. We are all hoping for a golden season with warm days and relaxing fun times to share with our animals and visitors.
Summer was a great and busy time and like always when you have a good time it just blew by so fast. We had lots of visitors coming to meet the animals, and we all enjoyed sharing our passion of working and living alongside these wonderful creatures. We witnessed the pure joy on kids faces when meeting our four-legged kids, we observed our adult goat ladies demanding their own special cuddle times (some pushy, others shy and polite, but all unique), we met visitors who would sit for hours with the goats and just connect with them and their gentle, honest and kind nature, we watched our teenage goaties constantly trying to figure out their place and role in the herd (the typical teenage challenge: Are we kids? Are we adults? Who are we?) and we totally enjoyed the laughter and excitement when our four-legged crew jumps on people’s backs and races around their pen – their energy and love of life is just contagious.

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