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Goat Fund Us: Update #38

Hello everyone,

The farm has already been closed for 2 months now and fall has finally started to change into winter – with some colder temperatures and even some snow – and looking at the forecast still more snow to come.
We’ve all been very busy getting prepared for the winter and that’s why I have not written an update about this “new winter situation” yet. Many regular visitors to the park who walk along our fence line might have seen a change to other winter seasons at the farm – and to us this is kind of a big and great thing: This winter all our animals are staying right here in town with us – they even got joined by Wasabi, our billy goat and his little crew of male companions. And so, we all (farm residents, their staff and passersby in the park) are experiencing a very different winter – for us it’s a combination of giving them all the daily care they need during the cold season and the joy of being able to see and spend time with them every day. And while the farm is not open to the public for visits, on dry and sunny days you will be able to observe the animals through the fence.

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