The following post is an archive of our GoFundMe campaign which began in 2020.

Hello everyone,
Here we go again – another year has gone and just a few days ago we all welcomed 2023 with a healthy mixture of hope, plans, dreams, some challenges and lots to do!

Initially I had planned to dedicate this entire update solely on a look back to what happened in the farm season 2022 – with some of the ups and downs. But now I would like to address a different topic first: During the last few weeks before Christmas I’ve just been overwhelmed by the generosity we’ve received in the form of support and donations that you have offered to the farm and our feathered and furry residents. Winter work at the farm is hard – especially with the cold temperatures, rain and snow, and through that it just drains the energy out of the staff while they are doing everything to provide and care for the animals. And while we were withstanding the freezing weather, at the same time being able to witness the incoming support and donations of different sizes just warmed us from the inside. And that’s why I would like to begin this update with a huge, honest and heartfelt THANK YOU from all of us at the farm. I might not find the right words to express how important this ongoing support is for us, but especially during the winter when the farm is closed but the animals still receive the same or even more care, this backing represents a really big step in keeping the farm going – and quite frankly it felt like with so many people pitching in – together you made our little Christmas miracle come true. THANK YOU!

Looking back onto 2022, this was the first season since the start of the pandemic that the farm was open for the usual full time from early March to Thanksgiving Weekend. It seems like an impossible task to pull the few most meaningful events out of this big whirl of moments, people, encounters, memories, animals and other friends – it’s been a full year: ups and downs, laughter and tears, new and old friends, … Where to start?
It brings me back to the question “What are you grateful for in 2022?” and when I piece together many little things that come to mind, something big takes shape that I and everyone at the farm are really grateful for. While last year wasn’t an easy one (maybe none is?) looking back we managed a lot of big and small challenges together and I’m simply grateful for all the support that made this season a successful and good one. Alone each of us is just one single person, but combining our efforts, working together, lending a helping hand, sometimes giving hidden support or just a simple smile and kind word of encouragement – all this make us achieve big things – together we are strong. So thinking back I’m very grateful for all the different support systems, some of them are obvious, many are hidden and never recognized for what they do for us, but they all certainly hold our world together, they pick us up, they help carry the burden of life and are simply our anchor, our strength and our home. These are unrecognized heroes of daily life as well as little hidden angles and I would just like to say thank you to all of them. I wish everyone would have them somewhere in their life.
– Thank you to all the visitors to the farm – it was a joy to welcome you back and share our passion for the animals with you.
– Thank you to our volunteers who were now able to come came back to the farm and supported the animals and us through their dedicated volunteer work. Here is to hoping that in 2023 we’ll all have a farm-tastic time working together again.
– Thank you to the volunteer members of our Beacon Hill Children’s Farm Society who help and coordinate from behind the scenes.
– Thank you to the Koenders family for managing all the countless and often overlooked small and big tasks that keep the farm running.
– Thank you to our amazing team of experienced and new staff members – for all the great, meticulous and loving care you provide daily to the animals, for learning and growing together, for helping to make the farm a safe, fun and joyful place – you guys simply rock!
– Thank you to all our supporters and followers – every donation, motivating message and kind smile goes a long way.
– Thank you to all our two-legged and four-legged farm residents – for all your trust and your affection, your unique personalities and the smiles you put on our faces – you even carry us through the hard days.

Support comes in many different faces, shapes, colours and sizes, but it is always welcome and truly appreciated: Two-legged or four-legged, furry or winged, human or animal – thank you to everyone who has the heart to support another being through life.

There is still one special Thank You I like to express here – and while it is too late to say it to her in person it means a lot to me and all of us. 2022 held a very devastating and sad goodbye for us. In April our one-of-a-kind miniature horse Peanut Butter took her final walk over the rainbow bridge and while she left us behind with broken hearts we know that it was the right decision to let her go. Our vets and the staff had done everything possible for her, we fought for and with her, and while her spirit was still there, her body failed her, and our tough little girl couldn’t go on any longer. She deserved to pass in peace and with dignity – it was the last and the hardest thing we could still do for her.
I cannot write this without tears because the memory still hurts, but I really just wanted to say “Thank you, Peanut Butter, for all the years with us, the memories, the things you taught all of us, your kind nature and your big heart. As little as you were as a horse you’ve touched so many of us – more than I ever imagined even far beyond the farm. Little lady, you were and will always be just the best – and a truly great friend!”

I’m sure you all like to hear more news from the animals, and I promise I will provide some details on how the animals live through the colder months, the upcoming important health check for our donkey Opal to find out where she currently stands with her Cushing’s disease and likely some plans and preparations for the new season in the next update.

And to let you know who always makes me smile, there is also a little video of Rosie’s world and some of her adventures of 2022. She has grown into a strong, happy and healthy teenager and seeing how she takes on a life, how she explores and embraces all of it, simply amazes us every single day. Take a look into her world and let her tell you all about it – she has a unique view of life and hopefully she can also make you smile.

So, looking back, THANK YOU all for being with us through 2022, and looking forward, we would like to wish all of you and us a GOAT, HAPPY AND HEALTHY 2023!

All the best,

Photo of miniature horse Peanut Butter RIP
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