The following post is an archive of our GoFundMe campaign which began in 2020.

Hello everyone,
Our farm season has started over a month ago and as every year it seemed an impossibly big task to get everything ready for opening, but the team put in A LOT of hours and together we managed it all. And all this hard work and stress was entirely worth it: Being open to the public again, welcoming back many of our regular visitors and meeting new animal lovers – and in general just being able to witness how everyone has a “goat” time at the farm has simply been a very rewarding experience for us. Thank you.

But now, I like to introduce you to several new additions to our farm family:
Six cute little (and some bigger) guinea pigs ladies have moved into our guinea pig area again and they are an active, cuddly, diverse little group. Two of them are hairless – so called skinny pigs – one is a really big lady, another one is rather bossy while the little one is very timid and likes to hide under the warm blankets together with her bigger friend who is always on the search for snacks. They enjoy to explore their changing setup of houses, hay and feed bowls after each daily cleaning, always trying to discover the best cozy hiding spots. While the temperatures were still somewhat cold with wet or rainy weather, we had to keep their side of the building closed to help trap the warmth inside. Now just since last week visitors can enter this wing too and observe these little ladies from behind a wooden barrier.

Our pig area – where our big friend Maple used to live and where in same way his spirit along with all the memories will reside forever – has become the new home for our three pig sisters Petunia, Poppy and Punk. These three little ones are amazing us every day as they have learned so much since their arrival. They are exploring new things daily, taking everything in and and we can really see them grow. Their personalities are coming out more and more and they are each discovering who they are. When they arrived they were very shy, scared of everything new and they did not enjoy being touched. With lots of patience and quiet time that has changed completely: They greet the staff and visitors eagerly, absolutely insist on their feeding schedule, love to play with their toys – especially new ones – and enjoy pets, scratches and cuddles. Punk is very outgoing and brave but also gentle, she always likes to explore things first and she enjoys pets and even sometimes lays down for a belly rub. Poppy is almost as brave and she is especially food motivated. She is the vocal one of the sisters and when feeding time is approaching her little high pitched voice can be heard all over the farm. And Petunia is their little sister with the short stubby nose. She is more timid than her two siblings and to help her grow strong and healthy she is getting a special lunch daily which after the first worry of being separated form the group she really enjoys now. We all just love to spend time with them and are very excited to watch them grow up and learn what kind of piggy each of them is growing in to.

We also have adopted several new different birds to our farm family: Three very friendly hens joined us at the farm and have now found their forever home with our flock of chickens. After first being quarantined including the administration of some preventative treatments they have now moved into our chicken enclosure and barn where they have started to explore their new surroundings and meet all the other inhabitants. Some days they still seem a little overwhelmed by all these new friends and then they just hop out of the chicken pen to take a stroll through the farm. And we also had a colourful group of small birds move into our aviary including Gouldian finches, scarlet-chested parrots and a Bourke parakeet. It took them only one night to feel at home in this building that they share with all the other birds. Stop by the windows to observe them – they are truly just amazing: their energy, their colours, their chit-chating.

And of course we have happily and proudly welcomed the first baby goats of this season. Now that some time has passed I can write about this a little easier – but there are still (and will forever be) many emotions attached to these hours and fates. Our first two babies Jupiter and Solaris and their extraordinary moms Venus and Moon come with a special story that is sad but still heartwarming. Early on in March, Moon was our first lady of this season who we accompanied through labour. She had (unknown to us) some internal difficulties and sadly gave birth to a stillborn baby boy. This loss left a big empty space in Moon’s heart and life – and the staff really felt for her. Then less than 24 hours later her sister Venus went into labour, too, and Moon was very agitated and talking to her through the stall wall the entire time. Venus delivered a big boy who she greeted eagerly and lovingly. While she was busy cleaning up her little son she gave birth to a second baby – a tiny girl. This little one was so small that Venus barely had any contractions and really didn’t seem to feel her slide into this world. Venus was entirely occupied with her son and didn’t pay attention to what else was going on so we – unnoticed by her – lifted her little daughter over into Moon’s stall who was still calling and looking for a baby. After a short but tense time (that just felt really long to us) during which we encouraged Moon to lick and smell the baby girl, she decided that she would take on this little girl as her own: she became her daughter- her light at the end of her sadness – her Solaris! Venus is a proud mum of her big athletic son Jupiter. And thanks to her Moon is “over the moon” about her tiny but adventurous daughter Solaris. We are just so very grateful that despite the sad outcome of Moon’s delivery they are both happy mothers now each with a strong baby. And it is a joy to watch those two little ones bounce around and explore this unknown world – they have already grown so much. This story made an appearance in several local media outlet, but if you like to watch it again, here is a link to CTV Vancouver Island.
And just over two weeks ago they were joined by Peach’s little girls Plum and Melba. Our goat lady Peach is absolutely in love with these two precious girls (as are we) and while they spend plenty of time together as a family to snuggle, bond and get to know each other, Peach has now also started to take them out to meet the rest of the goats and explore the petting area as well as to introduce them to our human visitors. All this happens under the very close supervision of mom Peach – who has her eyes peeled on her babies at all times and she is very outspoken and loud when she suspects that something is “unsafe”, too fast or too much. It is quite impressive to observe her mothering skills and we are always at her side to translate her goat voice into human speech. Great job, Peach!

All moms are truly miracles and I have the greatest respect for all they do, for their patience, love, dedication, skills and enormous strength. Our moms are our heroes! With Mother’s Day just around the corner we’ve created new sponsorship certificates as a unique gift opportunity for your mom. To take a look, just visit our website

Always keep a smile in your heart and let it shine on,

Photo of a group of guinea pigs eating veggies
Photo of mother goat Peach and her two babies Plum and Melba
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