About the Animals, their People and their Home

The Beacon Hill Children’s Farm is a small local family farm in Victoria, British Columbia. The farm might be small in size but we are proud to provide a loving home to more than a hundred farm animals. Family run and operated since June 1985 and supported through a great team of volunteers and staff we are so fortunate to be able to share this amazing experience of living with and caring for these animals with lots of visitors – tourists and locals alike.

Meet Our Animals

First and foremost the farm is a home to all of our animals. They are dearly loved, many live with us long term, they are part of our farm family. We work along side them, we spend so much time with them that we’ve established a close relationship with them. There are so many of them and they are all unique: Some young, some old, some shy, some pushy, some expecting babies and others spending their time with grown up kids and friends, and ALL of them very lovingly. Each of them has their own personality, needs and  story.
Here we can just squeeze in a short overview of  our huge farm family. Take a peek and we are looking forward to welcome you for a visit.

The People Behind The Farm

Keeping the farm running on a daily basis as well as providing and caring for the animals year round (during the public season and the off season) is a huge team effort. Many different people pitch in to help and to all of us the farm represents much more than just our work. Taking care of the animals and making the farm a unique place is our shared passion. 

The Farm

The Beacon Hill Children’s Farm lays in the heart of beautiful Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC.

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