photo of mum goat with her baby climbing on her back

Goat Fund Us: Update #42

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good start into the summer and that it will be a fun and relaxing time for all of us.
The farm has been just buzzing and hopefully this buzz will just keep going the entire summer: lots of visitors – locals and tourists of any age groups and background, new volunteers and new staff – lots of learning and teaching and our daily spiel through all the animal care and always doing our absolute best for them.

This story I’m going to tell you today is a little different than most of the others because it still has an open end. We don’t know yet where it’s going to lead and I can only keep going on and fill this uncertainty with hope. Never give up hope!

photo of mother goat with babies

Goat Fund Us: Update #41

Hello everyone,
Our farm season has started over a month ago and as every year it seemed an impossibly big task to get everything ready for opening, but the team put in A LOT of hours and together we managed it all. And all this hard work and stress was entirely worth it: Being open to the public again, welcoming back many of our regular visitors and meeting new animal lovers – and in general just being able to witness how everyone has a “goat” time at the farm has simply been a very rewarding experience for us. Thank you.

photo of potbelly pig

Goodbye Maple

Our year seemed to be off to a smooth start but then last week life just took a very unexpected turn that left us with a broken heart and a huge hole in our midst: Sadly and very suddenly we had to say goodbye to our pig Maple and everyone here is truly feeling his absence and mourning this loss.

Text "our goaties 2022" on yellow background

Goat Fund Us: Update #38

Hello everyone,

The farm has already been closed for 2 months now and fall has finally started to change into winter – with some colder temperatures and even some snow – and looking at the forecast still more snow to come.
We’ve all been very busy getting prepared for the winter and that’s why I have not written an update about this “new winter situation” yet. Many regular visitors to the park who walk along our fence line might have seen a change to other winter seasons at the farm – and to us this is kind of a big and great thing: This winter all our animals are staying right here in town with us – they even got joined by Wasabi, our billy goat and his little crew of male companions. And so, we all (farm residents, their staff and passersby in the park) are experiencing a very different winter – for us it’s a combination of giving them all the daily care they need during the cold season and the joy of being able to see and spend time with them every day. And while the farm is not open to the public for visits, on dry and sunny days you will be able to observe the animals through the fence.

photo of goats in sunshine

Goat Fund Us: Update #37

Hello everyone,
Time simply flies and this farm season has pretty much gone by in a blur of lots of big and small moments filled with many special encounters and countless precious new memories.
Everyone at the farm – two-legged and four-legged – would like to say THANK YOU for all your kind and generous support that you offered us again during this year. Thank you for being part of our journey and for all your help, encouragement, heartwarming comments and honest interest in the life of our animals and daily work at the farm.

three small goats standing on wooden stumps

Goat Fund Us: Update #36

Hello everyone,
While it is still summer, seasons are changing quickly now and when school is starting back up, the farm will switch to fall hours. We are all hoping for a golden season with warm days and relaxing fun times to share with our animals and visitors.
Summer was a great and busy time and like always when you have a good time it just blew by so fast. We had lots of visitors coming to meet the animals, and we all enjoyed sharing our passion of working and living alongside these wonderful creatures. We witnessed the pure joy on kids faces when meeting our four-legged kids, we observed our adult goat ladies demanding their own special cuddle times (some pushy, others shy and polite, but all unique), we met visitors who would sit for hours with the goats and just connect with them and their gentle, honest and kind nature, we watched our teenage goaties constantly trying to figure out their place and role in the herd (the typical teenage challenge: Are we kids? Are we adults? Who are we?) and we totally enjoyed the laughter and excitement when our four-legged crew jumps on people’s backs and races around their pen – their energy and love of life is just contagious.

White alpaca Osmond and black alpaca Lacy freshly shorn

Goat Fund Us: Update #35

Hello everyone,

Summertime finally seems to have arrived in Victoria – including the first really overly hot days. But especially after this rather cold and wet spring the sunshine and reasonably warmer temperatures feel great for anyone spending the days outside – four legged and two legged. It’s crazy how time just flies and the farm has now already been open for almost four months. During that time we had the pleasure to welcome many friends and regular visitors back to the farm, to meet new animal lovers and we’ve all enjoyed once again to share our life and work around the animals with lots of visitors. Many of you will have seen several new faces among the staff as our team of farm workers has grown considerably this season.

photo of Peanut Butter the miniature horse

Goodbye Peanut Butter

Last week we had to take the heartbreaking step to accompany Peanut Butter on her last journey and as sad and overwhelming as this was for everyone at the farm, we tried to say our final goodbyes, thank her for all the good times she gave us and let her know one last time how truly special she was. For us Peanut Butter will always be a “one of a kind” horse and while she was small for her kind, she leaves an incredibly big hole behind.
It is absolutely remarkable how this little horse lady had such a huge impact on so many lives. We are all very touched and amazed about the many messages we’ve received since her passing and they are all filled with memories of Peanut Butter, lots of sympathy and good wishes for the farm team. And while this is a very dark and sad time at the farm with so many little daily details reminding us of this precious horse lady, we all know that the sorrow and pain of her absence as well as the love and adoration for this beautiful and kind horse is shared by many. Thank you.

Momma goat Periwinkle with baby Mr. Pink

Goat Fund Us: Update #33

Hello everyone,
I think this might be the longest time you haven’t heard from us since the start of this campaign. During the COVID-19-health-crisis and all its accompanying side effects, time seems to have its own way to float by and then sneak up on us. And now very recently the world truly has taken another “crazy” turn and I don’t really find the right words to express how shocked and saddened we are about the events in other countries. Our sympathy, prayers and good wishes go out to all the people of Ukraine and everyone else who has been affected by this war. Please let there be peace for everyone.

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