photo of farrier with donkeys

Goat Fund Us: Update #22

Now this Valentine’s and Family Day long weekend is pretty much drawing to a close and I just like to wish you and all your loved ones plenty of strength, happiness and good health, and I hope very much that all of us will be able to celebrate family, friendship and love safely together again once the circumstances (as well as this rather unusual weather) improve. Family and friendship are very important values, I think they are literally our rocks! And for us at the farm that totally includes our animals, we all together make up our big farm family.

Goat Fund Us: Update #20

I hope you’ve all been able to spend a joyful and relaxing Holiday season and had a good start into 2021 – despite the many unusual circumstances we all had to incorporate this year. 2020 has finally come to an end I guess we are all pretty happy to see it go as this year has presented many of us with a lot of challenges and unfamiliar situations.

photo of miniature horse

Goat Fund Us: Update #19

This past week we finally had “operation equine dentist” and as promised in the last update here is how it all went down. The dental treatment for our horse and donkeys was quite a “hands on task” which in addition to our vet sometimes required four extra helpers (all safely masked up pretty much like at the “real” dentist) to keep our ladies calm, still and upright.

photo of a goat

Goat Fund Us: Update #18

I’ve started to write this update over a week ago to share with you some news about our new website and of course about the animals. But then time just seemed to accelerate with everything happening all at once. We had a lot of support pouring in again – it was simply astonishing to witness. This awesome response from the community kept us very busy. But let me just say the most important thing first: THANK YOU. YOU DID IT!

photo of donkeys and miniature horse

Goat Fund Us: Update #17

Time for some news from the animals: Almost all of them are now in Metchosin on the winter farm where they continue to receive all the care they need. They have all settled in nicely, but winter isn’t everyone’s favourite season. Depending on the weather – which has already been rather wet and windy this fall – the goats especially spend lots of time inside their cozy barns always cuddled up closely to their buddies.

photo of Peg the goat

Goat Fund Us: Update #16

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to all of you. I hope you have an opportunity to enjoy it safely in good company. Over the past few days our fundraiser was inactive because GoFundMe is changing their internal system and their engineering team was busily working away to transfer all the information of our fundraiser. Since we at the farm are really farmers and animals people our technical abilities are limited and I’m very happy and relieved to say that they fixed everything quickly and the fundraiser is back in working order.

photo of guinea pigs

Goat Fund Us: Update #15

Unfortunately we are experiencing some unexpected technical issues and contacted the GoFundMe support team to get it fixed as soon as possible. Hopefully it won’t take long, and I will let you know when it’s all working again.

photo of goats peeking over gate

Goat Fund Us: Update #14

Before starting to write this update, I looked back over our campaign and the past season – the most different season we’ve ever experienced – and I came to realize that it’s been almost 6 months since we started this fundraiser. And what an unusual time it has been. After just being open for 6 days in March the farm closed its gates this year on March 12th.

photo of goats

Goat Fund Us: Update #13

Since our last update and with the help from the local media to spread the word I’m very happy to be able to welcome a growing number of new supporter to this campaign. Thank you all – new donors as well as all of you who have been supporting us through the past months – so much for your generous support and heartfelt messages and encouragement.

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