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Goat Fund Us: Update #32 & Looking back onto 2021

Hello everyone,
I hope you all got to spend a pleasant and safe holiday season, and kept warm and cozy during the unusually cold weather and now I would like to wish all of you a good start into the new year 2022. Looking back on this past year, I find it difficult to determine what the overall sentiment might be. It was certainly a very full year – filled with challenges, difficulties, loss and a lot of resulting stress, but at the same time also an overabundance of many little and some big moments and experiences filled with happiness, joy, smiles, hope, encouragement, friendship, team spirit and being part of a great community. And all these put together allowed us to balance and overcome any obstacles facing us. Your ongoing, generous and unconditional support along with all your positive and reassuring comments are a very big part of this and always helped us to keep going. Thank you for helping to make this past year a good one!

title: Our GOATIES 2021

Goat Fund Us: Update #31

Hello everyone,
After my last update we got multiple inquiries about how to donate – for everyone who likes to support the animals and the farm, but prefers not to receive a sponsorship certificate. So after some discussing and planning we decided to go ahead and reactive the fundraiser; we are just happy and grateful for any help we are getting – be it in the form of sponsoring the animals or donations. We’ve upped the goal of the fundraiser to indicate what kind of help we are hoping for.

photo of goats on a trampoline

Goat Fund Us: Update #30

It’s been several months since my last update, time seems to pass so quickly and lots of things have been happening here and all around us. But for us at the farm our daily lives, our main focus and most of our energy and love go towards the care of the animals – their daily needs and individual care dictate our lives and they certainly keep us busy.

photo of baby goats with "thank you" text

Goat Fund Us: Update #29

This feels rather weird as I’m about to give you the last update for this campaign and it also feels a little bit like goodbye – but in a good way. The farm is now open again to the public, even while we are still keeping some restrictions in place that we review constantly to decide when to loosen up or lift some of them.

photo of miniature horse

Goat Fund Us: Update #28

This is just a quick and short update to give you a little heads-up for the reopening of the farm. We’ve been extremely busy getting the farm ready and putting the best precautions into place that will hopefully allow a safe and enjoyable time for everyone. And then there was also this current heat wave that put the breaks on most our work as we really had to concentrate on keeping our animals – and all the staff – as cool, well and hydrated as possible.

photo of horse and donkeys

Goat Fund Us: Update #27

In last night’s update I just used the opportunity to give you an inside look in little Rosemary’s world, but all this ongoing and very extensive care for our little girl is just one side of farm life and work. There are many other animals to take care of and much more has happened. I’m very happy to say that lots of our animals have returned to Beacon Hill Park. It is the first time since March 2020 that every pen is inhabited by animals again. And it feels great and full of life!

photo of baby goat wearing a sweater

Goat Fund Us: Update #26

My apologies, it’s been a really long time since you heard from us. I actually started to write this update around the May long weekend, and I almost had it finished, but then “life just happened” and I got totally sidetracked by the normal “craziness” on the farm and in particular by the very intensive care for our little special goat Rosemary.

photo of Bronwyn the goat

Goat Fund Us: Update #25 & Goodbye Alexis

Time for an update from the animals and the farm. These past two weeks have just been especially busy, unexpected and full. But first I like to welcome many new donors and followers to our fundraising campaign and I’m sending out a big THANK YOU to all of you for supporting us through all this time. It’s been now well over 13 months that the farm has been closed and just more than a year since we’ve started this fundraiser. It feels like quite the journey we all went on together.

photo of sheep and lambs

Goat Fund Us: Update #24

Just in time for Easter I would like to give you another update from the animals and the farm. In a “normal” year the Easter long weekend tends to be one of the busiest weekends of our farm season. We had lots of inquiries if the farm would be opening for visitors now, but unfortunately this year the farm is not open to the public yet. With the ongoing risk of COVID-19 surrounding us and the current rise in case numbers, our highest priority is to continue to do our part in order to keep everyone healthy and safe – humans and animals – and through that to ensure our ability to continuously care for our animals.

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