photo of Bronwyn the goat

Goat Fund Us: Update #25 & Goodbye Alexis

Time for an update from the animals and the farm. These past two weeks have just been especially busy, unexpected and full. But first I like to welcome many new donors and followers to our fundraising campaign and I’m sending out a big THANK YOU to all of you for supporting us through all this time. It’s been now well over 13 months that the farm has been closed and just more than a year since we’ve started this fundraiser. It feels like quite the journey we all went on together.

photo of baby goat

Goat Fund Us: Update #10

Hi everyone, since our last update, there has been only positive news to report regarding the animals. The goat herd has grown and we have received another big donation from Top Shelf Feed! And as always, we are so grateful and thankful to you, our donors, for helping us keep the animals fed and sheltered during the pandemic.

photo of goat and her two kids

Goat Fund Us: Update #8

Let me start again by saying how thankful we are for all the donations that we received especially since the last update. I can only imagine that the news of the farm maybe not opening this season must have been disappointing for many of you. We are all the more grateful for all the support that you’ve sent our way be it in the form of kind messages in acknowledgement of our situation as well as many donations. THANK YOU ALL!

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