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Goat Fund Us: Update #44

Hello again everyone,

In my last update and the look back onto 2023 I didn’t tell you anything about Rosie’s year and this is very unusual for my stories – A year without Rosie? By now, I can’t even imagine my life without Rosie: this unique, smart and strong, true and loyal, curious and brave little girl who proves over and over again that she is ready to master all of life’s challenges makes my life complete.

Home is where the herd is!

Goat Fund Us: Update #43 & Looking back onto 2023

Sorry for the long time without any farm news – I don’t know how often I started writing this update and then life brought something else along that needed immediate attention and whatever I was writing about was soon outdated. Sometimes life just has its own pace.

First of all we would like to wish all of you a happy New Year 2024. Let’s hope it’s a really goat one.

Thank you for a great season 2023. Thank you to everyone who visited the farm, for sharing our passion for the animals, for all your interest in their life and our work, for spending time with them, for every smile and kind word – especially on the not so good or stressful days – and for all your continuous support. Each season (and honestly each day) at the farm is different, and while every year comes with its own challenges, overall I’m happy to say that 2023 was a fairly good season and we are all looking forward to the next one.

photo of mum goat with her baby climbing on her back

Goat Fund Us: Update #42

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good start into the summer and that it will be a fun and relaxing time for all of us.
The farm has been just buzzing and hopefully this buzz will just keep going the entire summer: lots of visitors – locals and tourists of any age groups and background, new volunteers and new staff – lots of learning and teaching and our daily spiel through all the animal care and always doing our absolute best for them.

This story I’m going to tell you today is a little different than most of the others because it still has an open end. We don’t know yet where it’s going to lead and I can only keep going on and fill this uncertainty with hope. Never give up hope!

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Goat Fund Us: Update #38

Hello everyone,

The farm has already been closed for 2 months now and fall has finally started to change into winter – with some colder temperatures and even some snow – and looking at the forecast still more snow to come.
We’ve all been very busy getting prepared for the winter and that’s why I have not written an update about this “new winter situation” yet. Many regular visitors to the park who walk along our fence line might have seen a change to other winter seasons at the farm – and to us this is kind of a big and great thing: This winter all our animals are staying right here in town with us – they even got joined by Wasabi, our billy goat and his little crew of male companions. And so, we all (farm residents, their staff and passersby in the park) are experiencing a very different winter – for us it’s a combination of giving them all the daily care they need during the cold season and the joy of being able to see and spend time with them every day. And while the farm is not open to the public for visits, on dry and sunny days you will be able to observe the animals through the fence.

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Goat Fund Us: Update #36

Hello everyone,
While it is still summer, seasons are changing quickly now and when school is starting back up, the farm will switch to fall hours. We are all hoping for a golden season with warm days and relaxing fun times to share with our animals and visitors.
Summer was a great and busy time and like always when you have a good time it just blew by so fast. We had lots of visitors coming to meet the animals, and we all enjoyed sharing our passion of working and living alongside these wonderful creatures. We witnessed the pure joy on kids faces when meeting our four-legged kids, we observed our adult goat ladies demanding their own special cuddle times (some pushy, others shy and polite, but all unique), we met visitors who would sit for hours with the goats and just connect with them and their gentle, honest and kind nature, we watched our teenage goaties constantly trying to figure out their place and role in the herd (the typical teenage challenge: Are we kids? Are we adults? Who are we?) and we totally enjoyed the laughter and excitement when our four-legged crew jumps on people’s backs and races around their pen – their energy and love of life is just contagious.

photo of sheep and lambs

Goat Fund Us: Update #23

Spring is finally here or at least it’s just around the corner, and many of us take advantage of the sunny weather to spend some time outdoors, breathe in the mild air and soak up the sunshine. Just this past week marked the day when the farm was closed for an entire year. Even during this pandemic, time still flies, and while I know that the farm was closed and without visitors for a full year (after a shockingly short season of 6 days!) it still feels unreal.

photo of farrier with donkeys

Goat Fund Us: Update #22

Now this Valentine’s and Family Day long weekend is pretty much drawing to a close and I just like to wish you and all your loved ones plenty of strength, happiness and good health, and I hope very much that all of us will be able to celebrate family, friendship and love safely together again once the circumstances (as well as this rather unusual weather) improve. Family and friendship are very important values, I think they are literally our rocks! And for us at the farm that totally includes our animals, we all together make up our big farm family.

photo of miniature horse

Goat Fund Us: Update #19

This past week we finally had “operation equine dentist” and as promised in the last update here is how it all went down. The dental treatment for our horse and donkeys was quite a “hands on task” which in addition to our vet sometimes required four extra helpers (all safely masked up pretty much like at the “real” dentist) to keep our ladies calm, still and upright.

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