COVID-19 Safety Plan & Rules for Reopening the Farm to the Public

The team at Beacon Hill Children’s Farm is working hard during these difficult times to make sure the animals are all strong, happy, and healthy and that visitors can once again enjoy a safe and pleasant visit.

There have been several fundamental and necessary changes for the reopening of the farm which will alter your experience of your farm visit. Unfortunately to ensure everyone’s health and safety, visitors will currently not have access into the buildings or any of the animal enclosures, including the goat petting area. The farm visit is mainly based on viewing, and we ask all visitors to only touch the animals very gently over the fence after they have sanitized their hands. To further increase safety and ensure physical distancing there will also not be a public goat stampede at this time. Visitors will be allowed to walk around designated public pathways to watch and admire the animals over the fence.

The following rules and procedures have been put in place to allow everyone involved a safe and relaxed time:

  1. Please always follow the signage posted throughout the farmyard and comply with instructions from our staff – they have all been made familiar with the new Covid Safety Protocols.
  2. Masks which cover the nose and mouth are required during the entire time of your visit. Exceptions to this rule:
    • Children under 12; however, we still encourage children ages 5-11 to wear a mask if it is safe to do so.
    • Any person with medical conditions or disabilities that inhibit their ability to safely wear a face mask.
    • Any person who is unable to place or remove their face covering without assistance.
  3. Everyone entering the farm must sanitize their hands. If a visitor is unable to use the hand sanitizer provided by the farm, they can choose to use their own or wash their hands with soap and water at the first handwashing station.
  4. Please maintain a physical distance of 6 feet/2 meters from all other visitors and staff.
  5. Children must be accompanied and supervised by their adult guardian at all times. To guarantee close supervision, there is a maximum of 5 children per 1 adult visitor.
  6. Dogs are welcome to accompany you during your visit. Please keep your dog on a short leash by your side and do not allow them to bark at the animals.
  7. Viewing mostly: please only pet the animals gently over the fence after sanitizing your hands.
  8. No food or picnics allowed.

Anyone who fails to comply with these rules will unfortunately have to leave the farm.

Every visitor to the farm will be asked the following questions before admission:

  1. Have you been in contact with a confirmed or possible case of Covid-19 (and are required to self-isolate)?
  2. Are you experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms?

If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” please do not visit the farm today.

We know these are difficult times for everyone and all our visitors have been waiting a long time for the chance to revisit the farm. All our staff and animals are excited to welcome you back, and we are wishing everyone a safe and fun visit. Please be patient and kind with the staff and each other – this is a very new and possibly stressful situation, and we are all doing our best.

Thank you!

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