The community has always supported the farm over the past 35 years through volunteer work and donations. The farm would not be what it is without that support. We are immensely grateful for it. But especially now during this health crisis that resulted in the closure of the farm for almost the entire season 2020 we really need your support.

It is not an easy step to ask for help. We totally understand that this crisis has put many people and businesses in financial difficulties and we certainly don’t want to make these worse. But we are hoping that there are some people out there who can afford to make a donation to help the animals. Even small donations help!

Here are just some examples of the costs that we are facing:

  • Hay for one month: 2250 CAD
  • Grain & feed for one month: 250 CAD
  • One load of sawdust (lasts about 6 weeks): 680 CAD
  • Veterinary costs per month (emergencies, necessary checkups, and medications): 1000 CAD
  • Insurance (vehicles, liability, etc.) per month: 675 CAD
  • Office and general maintenance (phones, internet, office supplies, etc.) per month: 1300 CAD

Any financial help to get the animals and the farm through these difficult times would be very much appreciated. With your help the animals and all the staff of the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm will be there for you again once all this has passed.

Thank you all and stay safe!

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