Thank you for familiarizing yourself with the farm rules. We hope this prepares you for your visit and helps you have a safe and enjoyable time!

For group visits, please click here.

General Health Rules

  • Please only come to visit the farm if everyone in your company feels healthy. Thank you for helping us to protect the health of the animals, the staff and the other visitors.
  • Please wash your hands before and after visiting with the animals.

General Farm Rules

Please follow our staff’s directions at all times to ensure a positive experience for everyone, humans and animals alike.

  • Please treat the animals with respect, including:
    • No feeding any of the animals
    • No poking the animals with sticks or throwing objects at them.
    • No pulling or stepping on feathers.
  • Quiet voices at all times:
    • No yelling or shouting at the animals or other people.
    • Please do not loudly imitate the animals’ voices.
  • Walking only inside the farm:
    • No running, jumping, or chasing after any animal.
    • No climbing on fences or goat climbing structures – please save the climbing for the goats!
  • Children must be supervised throughout their entire visit:
    • An adult must always be present while walking through the farm.
    • Close supervision in small groups is required while inside the goat petting area.

Goat Petting Area Rules

On busy days there is a maximum capacity of visitors allowed in to mingle with the goats. Please bring some time on your visit and walk around the farm yard first. Thank you for your patience.

Please obey the signage posted at the petting area gate and follow directions from our staff members. Some of the most important rules include:

  • Children need to be accompanied and actively supervised by an adult. The adult is responsible for the child’s behaviour.
  • No picking up or restraining the goats.
    • Instead, you can sit down and wait for a goat to climb into your lap, or crouch down to invite a goat to climb onto your back.
  • No feeding the goats.
    • Please do not remove hay from the ground or the hay feeders.
  • No human food inside the goat petting area.
  • No running, jumping, climbing, or chasing the goats.
  • No playing with the water buckets.
  • No picking up the sawdust or hay from the ground.
  • Quiet voices only.

Dog Rules

Dogs are welcome inside the farm – please do not leave your dog in a hot car. All dog owners must obey the following rules inside the farm:

  • Dogs must remain on a leash at all times.
  • Dogs may not enter the goat petting area.
  • Please do not let your dog bark at the animals.
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