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Remember, you are visiting the animals' home. They all need to be treated in a kind manner and with respect. Please help us to keep the farm and the goat area calm, quiet, and relaxed.

For school, childcare, or summer camp groups – or any group with 10 or more participants and those requiring supervision – there are several steps to make your visit fun and successful for everyone involved.

First, please book ahead. There is a maximum capacity of visitors for the farm and goat petting area. During busy times, and in cases of multiple groups visiting at the same time, the group which has booked with us will have priority for their visit. You may inquire by email at (please provide a phone number for us to call back) or by phone at 250-381-2532. Please note that your booking will be confirmed via email or phone, otherwise it is not valid!

Please make sure you only come visit the farm with your group if everyone of the participants is healthy that day. Thanks.

Please prepare your participants for how to behave at the farm and around the animals. These rules are to ensure the safety of all animals and people at the farm.

  • Walking only inside the farm:
    • No running, jumping, or chasing after any animal.
    • No climbing on fences or goat climbing structures – please save the climbing for the goats!
  • Quiet voices at all times:
    • No yelling or shouting at the animals or other people.
    • Please do not loudly imitate the animals’ voices.
  • Children must be supervised throughout their entire visit:
    • An adult must always be present while walking through the farm.
    • Close supervision in small groups is required while in the goat petting area.
  • Treat the animals with respect:
    • No feeding any of the animals.
    • No poking the animals with sticks or throwing objects like pinecones at them.
    • No pulling or stepping on feathers.
  • Bathroom:
    • There is no bathroom inside the farm.
    • Please plan enough time to take your group to the bathroom (walking distance around 3 minutes).

Before entering the goat petting area, please remind your group of the rules posted outside the gate. The most important rules are:

  • No picking up or restraining the goats
  • No feeding the goats
  • No playing with the water buckets
  • No picking up the sawdust or hay from the ground
  • No running, climbing, or jumping
  • No human food inside the goat area
  • Quiet voices only

Please understand that these rules are in place for the comfort and safety of our animals. Not following these rules could result in stress, discomfort, injuries, or health risks for the animals.

As a group leader, you are responsible for your group’s behaviour. Our staff will step in to remind you and your participants to follow these rules. If repeated intervention from the staff is necessary, the noise level is too high, or the animals are not treated with respect, your group will be asked to leave the goat area or the farm.

Thank you for your effort in teaching your participants how to behave around animals! We hope your visit is pleasant, fun, and educational for everyone involved.

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