Here is a quick overview of our farm residents – all the different types of animals who live with us at the farm.


photo of 3 little spotted pigs

Our three little pigs, the sisters Poppy, Petunia and Punk are young miniature pigs. They were born in December 2022 and just moved into their new forever home at the farm in February 2023.

There is a lot of exploring, growing up and making friends ahead of them.

Budgies, finches and parakeets

photo of budgies

Our front aviary is home to colourful and twittering mix of little birds including budgies, Society finches, Zebra finches, Java finches, a pair of Splendid Parakeets, a Bourke parrot and our Pineapple Green Cheek conure Mango.


photo of chickens

Our chickens are a divers mix of bantam and standard size chickens, most of them are female and they get watched over by our 2 roosters: Benjamin the big one and his teenage side kick Chick Jagger.

Guinea Pigs

photo of guinea pigs eating veggies

Our little herd of six guinea pigs all just moved to the farm in the spring of 2023 and they are still getting used to each other, us and their new home. They are all girls and are excitedly chattering along.

Two of the ladies, Sage and Paprika, are actually hairless and they are called “skinny pigs”.

Doves and Mr Pheasant

photo of male pheasant and 2 white doves

Our second indoor aviary (located in the building beside the goat petting area) lives a male Golden pheasant and a small flock of doves.


photo of several little goats

Our goats live in our petting area and they are very social and like to interact with visitors. Please make yourself familiar with the rules before visiting their area. They are a mix between two miniature goats breeds:the Nigerian Dwarfs Goat and African Pygmy Goat. Our goat herd is a colourful mix of many different colours, shapes, ages and personalities but they have one thing in common: They are truly the Greatest Of All Times!


photo of 2 donkeys

Our two donkey ladies Opal and Taffy are in their senior years and like to take it easy – except when they are “heehawing” through the farm to remind the staff of the approaching feeding time!

Jacob Sheep

photo of mom and baby sheep

We have a rotating flock of mother and baby Jacob Sheep living at the farm. They have quite the unique look with their fluffy black and white  coats and their impressive multiple horns – Jacob Sheep can have two, four or six horns!


photo of 2 alpacas

This elderly couple, our white gentleman Osmond and his black lady friend Lacy, are both in their senior years which requires extra feedings of soft mash and lots of nap times – but if it’s their day to roam the farm in the morning they show their adventurous spirit and elegantly gallop through the gate to reach the grazing area quickly.


photo of desk

Several breeds of ducks are living together in the duck yard. The majority of them are muscovy ducks, but we have a special little gang of an Indian Runner duck, a call duck and magpie duck who have a very close bond.

Farm cat

Our farm cat Leo, the lion, is the most independent of our animals. There are multiple visitors who will never know that we also have a cat living with us. Like many cats he has a mind of his own and shows his opinion clearly. He has a very important job at the farm as he patrols the grounds on rodent control.

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