The people who work at the farm

We are a small, diverse and fully dedicated team of coworkers who come together to provide our animals with all the best daily care we can give and at the same time allow visitors to spend a fun, safe and educative time at the farm.

Our team works so well together as we cover of a wide range in age (from just out of school to mature and experienced semi-retirees) as well as we combine many different educational and professional backgrounds so that beside all the normal daily farm chores every team member brings their own unique talents to support the farm as well.

But what certainly unites all of us and gives this team the strength to perform their best work every single day – even on hard, upsetting or sad ones – is our our shared passion for the animals and our common goal: Providing all our animals with the best care we can give and all the love they need to make sure they stay  strong, happy and healthy.

The entire farm team is proud of having the privilege to take care of our animals daily, to get to know them very well and build real relationships of trust with them. Please feel free to talk to us during your visit, let us know if you have any questions about our farm residents and our work with them. We are happy to give you an insight and share stories about our animal friends.

Beside the daily work with the animals, all the cleaning and feeding and  the many interactions with all our visitors, work at the farm also involves plenty of tasks behind the scenes – which include office work, bookkeeping, maintenance and repairs, buying all the supplies (feeding, bedding, cleaning etc) and countless more little but necessary tasks to keep the farm open and running.

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