Our farm is deeply rooted in the community and relies on its support. Over past years the farm has had about a hundred volunteers per season who help in different capacities depending on their personal talent and ability. This includes a huge diversity of people. There are for example young kids together with their parents, teenagers, retirees, people with special abilities accompanied by their support workers, busy students, part time workers and shift workers, singles and couples, international exchange students…and this only names a few. Aside from the “newcomers” each year, many of them have been volunteering at the farm for years.

Our volunteers often spent a good part of their shifts directly with the animals while cleaning out their barns and enclosures. They always work hard in their own time to help us take care of the animals, provide information to the visitors, keep the farm clean and tidy and of course give the animals lots of love. Through this commitment and dedication they have really become a precious part of our farm team. As the farm is solely funded by donations, their volunteer work is simply invaluable to us and helps us greatly to keep the farm running. They all do a tremendous job; the farm would not be the same without them. Our awesome volunteers really help to make this little farm a happy, safe, friendly and inclusive place. They make it feel complete.

If you are interested in volunteering at the farm:

Our volunteer intake period is in the spring of each year when the farm opens until early summer during which time we train all new volunteers so that they are well prepared to work with us for the rest of the season.

For the 2024 season: once the farm opens in the middle of March volunteer applications will be available at the front desk at the farm and after returning the filled out applications future volunteers will be invited to a training workshop.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our farm family!

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