Farm Society

Behind the farm stands a volunteer based non-profit farm society that functions as the umbrella organization of the Beacon Hill Children’s Farm. It works closely in conjunction with the Koenders family  and coordinate with the City of Victoria to help oversee and organize what is going on at the farm.

Volunteer Farm Workers

Our volunteers are a huge part of our farm, help out in many different capacities at the farm: barn and yard cleaning, raking, grooming, assisting in basic animals care, supervising goats and visitors, general cleaning and many many more – everyone according to their personal talents and abilities.

They come from all different walks of life and are a divers mix of people:

  • Kids as young as 6 years old volunteering together with their parents,
  • Teenagers making their first “work-like” experiences,
  • Individuals with special abilities who are assisted in their duties by support workers,
  • Different adults who find time beside their busy days to support the farm,
  • Retirees who like to make a difference by offering their work force and experience to our farm.
  • And many many more

Volunteers have many different abilities, some volunteer independently, others come with a friend, their support worker or parent, some have lots of animals experience while others make their first steps towards animals care, but all of them have a great interest in assisting at the farm and work hard to help us taking care of all the animals and making the farm what it is today.

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